Robin Webster – President for the RIAS

Robin Webster Co founder of Cameronwebster Architects, is to succeed Stewart Henderson as president of the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland on 11 October following a members vote.

Serving for a 19-month term Webster has pledged to bring transparency to an organisation which remains subject to an ongoing investigation by the charity regulator.

Webster remarked: “I want to thank everyone who voted for me, and especially my supporters, who have challenged the status quo and argued for reform within the Incorporation. I expect that from now on we will operate a transparent organisation, fully compliant with the requirements of the byelaws and meet all good governance protocols.

“That said, the problems that face the built environment and the quality of architecture in Scotland will not go away just by reorganising our committees and procedures. It is essential that we address how we enable talent and create opportunity, how our work is valued, and how we work ethically to achieve the best possible results. I believe we have much to learn from other countries and hope to challenge the Scottish Government and local authorities regarding the quality of public architecture and construction.”

Webster was voted in using a single transferable vote system which saw him beat one challenger for the post.