Belsize Park Gardens, NW London

The two courtyard houses in an existing garden were built to create flexible living space and designed to be largely hidden from the road.

A 2.4 metre high masonry wall was built around the perimeter of the garden, and the single storey steel framed houses span between them, enclosing a central courtyard and creating private gardens to the front and rear of each house.

The 60mm square rhs columns support 110mm deep profiled steel roofing that spans 6 meters from the central courtyard to the glazed external walls at the front and back, creating column free flexible spaces inside the houses. The mullions of the full height aluminium sliding windows are designed to line with the columns, giving a very light appearance to the elevations.

Client:Robin Webster and Robin Spence
Location:Belsize Park Gardens, London
Cost:£80,000 each.