Brass monkey

An existing pub on a gusset site in Argyle street, in very bad condition, with “Artexed” rendered stone externally and claustrophobic low ceilings internally, with many of the windows blanked off.
The block was listed and the planners required the stonework to be reinstated, although it had been very badly damaged and suffered years of neglect.
The interior was opened up to the ceiling, and the original window at the apex reinstated, affording fine views to the west along Argyll Street. The plaster was removed internally, revealing the large masonry blocks that give a powerful character to the interior. The bar gantry was backlit, and the counter detailed in hardwood with a slate front. The floor was laid with reclaimed iroko from a local gym. The new toilets were relocated and finished with tiles and textured wallpaper. “Squirrelcage” bulbs were used to create a warm and intimate lighting by the tables.

Location:Argyll St, Glasgow