Flood House

As a first line of defence, the layout proposes urban blocks with narrow house frontages to minimise exposure to floodwater. A shutter is provided by these entrances, to prevent the water entering the building.

To minimise damage, the house types are designed so that the living areas with the most valuable and vulnerable equipment and belongings are on the upper floor, while the bedrooms and bathrooms are at ground level and are constructed in pre-cast concrete with a tiled finish, which can be simply hosed down. Soft furnishing at this level will be on raised plinths.

The upper storeys are of conventional timber frame construction.

Externally, a planted terrace above the garage provides a garden which will be unaffected by the floodwater, and an external concrete staircase provides access to this and to the house when the area is flooded. There is also a raised garden at the rear. A floating hardstanding, constructed from marine ply and polystyrene, is located at the front of the houses, which will allow a vehicle to float above the water level to escape flood damage, and a similar floating deck for pot plants etc is also positioned by the entrances.