Langley Vale Visitors Centre

Cameronwebster architects teamed up with Matt Loader from LCD architects for  a competition entry in February 2016. It wasn’t shortlisted but the process and collaboration was energising and rewarding in many ways!

The aim was to create an elegant and enduring place for wayfinding, contemplation and understanding, with sensitive physical and visual linkages to the surrounding landscape.

The location has been determined by the existing site and by recognizing that the new planted trees will require years to become a mature woodland. The existing hedgerow is already mature and exists as a threshold to the site, offering a screen from the car park, and a refuge for birds and other wildlife, while the new path leads towards the art work, the wider network of pathways and the woodland experience.

It is proposed to create a “landscape” of posts across the area designated for woodland, allowing the new trees to eventually grow between them. These posts will be a tribute to the men from Epsom + Ewell who answered the call in 1914. The hedge and these posts offer a context for the building to relate to, whilst allowing for the future growth of the woodland and meadow.

The building locks onto an axis from the carpark to the art
installation, and identifies and connects a series of three different external spaces for the visitor to experience and dwell in for longer: